Cancellation and Refund Policy

An excerpt from the ReVIVA terms and conditions:

    1. Refunds prior to a course commencement: A full refund will be issued if written requests for refunds are received 7 days prior to your nominated course commencement date. Written requests must be addressed to: Re:VIVA First Aid Training. Alexandria Business Hub P.O. Box 6194 NSW 2015. Refunds will be issued within 14 days of written notification. Requests for refunds in writing less than 7 days prior to the course commencement, will incur a $27.50 (GST included) administration fee.

    2. Refunds requested after course completed: There are no refunds given to clients of Re:VIVA after the completion date of the course they were confirmed enrolled. However, Clause 4 is still applicable as long as they notify Re:VIVA within seven days of non attendance.

    3. Non-Attendance to a course without prior notice to Re:VIVA: Where a participant is prevented from attending a course due to illness or any other reason deemed reasonable by Re:VIVA, the participant is required to contact Re:VIVA Tel: 1300 738 482, within 7 days after the original course enrolment date, to organise a transfer. If no notification of non-attendance is given within a 7-day period after the original course commencement date, the participant will forfeit 100% of the course fee. If notification is given within the 7day period, the participant is permitted one free transfer in accordance with Terms and Conditions 5: “Transferring to another course after Enrolment below.

    4. Transferring to another course after Enrolment: All participants of a Re:VIVA course are granted one free transfer after confirmation of booking. This includes students who failed to attend a course they were confirmed in. Any further request for a transfer will incur a Transfer Service Fee of $16.50 (GST included) per transfer. Qualifications will not be issued until all Transfer Service Fees are paid in full. Contact Re:VIVA Tel: 1300 738 482 to arrange a transfer.

    5. Incompletion of course: If a participant leaves prior to the completion of all assessment tasks during the face-to-face training, Re:VIVA will attempt to reschedule the participant in the next course offered, with no additional fee to the participant. Re:VIVA's Transfer Services Fee will take effect for any further transfer requests (see Terms and Conditions 5: “Transferring to another course after Enrolment). If unable to reschedule, Re:VIVA will retain a $33.00 (GST included) administration fee, & refund the participant the balance. Refunds will be made available within 14 days of written notification to Re:VIVA by the participant. If no notification of incompletion of course is given to Re:VIVA Tel: 1300 738 482 within a 7 day period from the original course commencement date, the participant will forfeit 100% of the course fee.

    6. Cancellation of course by Re:VIVA: Re:VIVA reserves the right to cancel courses, or change dates if necessary. In the event of course cancellation by Re:VIVA, every effort will be made to transfer participants to another scheduled course with minimum inconvenience, or award a full refund to participants if requested. Refunds will be made available within 14 days notification by Re:VIVA to the participant, if a transfer cannot be arranged.